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Oops. Didn't see that. My bad.

But anyway, there has been no solution yet, right?

Regarding your code ...

>>  ... '*a' ):gmatch() ....
Is there something like Ruby's ARGF.each_line? In Ruby you would get all the lines of all the files specified on the command line, not just the lines you'd get from STDIN.

>> aMap[ aPage ] = ( aMap[ aPage ] or 0 ) + 1
;-) That's much more simple and elegant than my solution with __index ;-)

LuaProfiler sounds interesting too, but luaforge still seems to be down. I'll have a look at it later.


On Oct 18, 2007, at 9:16 PM, PA wrote:

On Oct 18, 2007, at 21:02, Mariano Kamp wrote:

From the functional point of view I succeeded so far. It's probably not pretty, but works. But the performance is really bad in comparison with the Ruby sample from Tim. I am wondering why that is and if there is a better way to implement the solution?!

Hmm... well... good question :))