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About the missing DLL, it's the runtime from the new Visual
C++ 2005. Should be easy to get. I am not sure if I can
distribute it, but I bet I could. The binaries I produced
are supposed to be used with the LuaBinaries distribution,
thus the name (Win32_dll8).

About the tests, if the client doesn't crash with an error
message, all tests passed. But the tests are only for
low-level functionality. See below.

2) The Manual lists where the files should be installed, including:
But my build didn't produce these DLLs, it produced socket.dll and
mime.dll, and I put them into <CDIR>. Should the manual be corrected?

I was also wondering about this. Haven't been able to find
any explanation on the websites for how to install on
Win32 - are these intended to replace mime/core.dll and

Yes. Copy mime.dll into mime/core.dll and socket.dll into
socket/core.dll.  You can't just dump these in CDIR. It will
not work as expected. If you do that, require"socket" will
load the socket.dll and require"mime" will load mime.dll,
and they should load the higher level socket.lua and
mime.lua. You will be missing high-level functionality.