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I'm contemplating a similar step, for embedded Gumstix.  Obviously
32bit integer-based Lua is going to be faster, but roughly how much
faster?  I would like to do _some_ floating point arithmetic...

I guess one could add fp arithmetic as an extension (patterned on
available extensions that add complex to regular double Lua, for

steve d.

On 10/15/07, Enrico Colombini <> wrote:
> Is there any documentation, however sketchy, summing up how to
> configure/patch Lua for a (32-bit) embedded system with no fp coprocessor?
> I know about and "Go Long
> Lua!"
> but I'd really like to have full knowledge and control of the
> customization process (I think I know some of the steps, but probably
> not all).
>    Enrico