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I realize you can't bind a generic thing to a templated class because
of certain compile time restrictions.  That said, I would like to
parametrize bindings based on specific instantiations of certain
template classes.

For eample, imagine 2 templates

template< class T>
class triangle;

and 2 instantiations for binding

typedef triangle<Kernel2D> Triangle_2;
typedef triangle<Kernel3D> Triangle_3;

These support almost the same functionality but with slight
differences.  It would be great to have a generic way to wrap those 2
classes.  This is a pretty typical situation for the kind of template
binding I'd like to automate.  I'd also like to automatic policy
templated classes such that additional functionality brought to a
class by a policy can automatically be wrapped.  Is this kind of thing
feasible with gccxml?