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> I'm not a VMS expert but as far as I know a simplified description of  
> VMS file paths is that they are made of a list of nested directory  
> names given between square brackets and separated by dotches and the  
> file name is appended to its end. For example the equivalent of the  
> unix path 'lualibs/share/5.1/lua/package/module.lua' would be  
> something like '[.LUALIBS.SHARE.5.1.LUA.PACKAGE]MODULE.LUA'. The  
> first dotch after the opening square bracket indicates a relative  
> path. The directory '5.1' became two nested directories because  
> directory names cannot have a dotch.

Maybe you could use a flat space for modules? Choose something like '_'
for submodule separation (assuming you can use '_' in module names),
so that 'a.b.c' is located in file 'a_b_c.lua'. Then set the path
to find the file '[.LUALIBS.SHARE.5.1.LUA.PACKAGE]a_b_c.LUA':


-- Roberto