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Would you care to elaborate how could you manage to find the lua functions through PDBs and DLL exports?

Is this going to work on a project that loads lua files from disk and executes them with lua_loadstring ?
Does it work through require's? What if I use a different compiler or runtime (MinGW/MSVCRT.DLL) than yours, there could be problems?

Luís Eduardo Jason Santos

Max McGuire escreveu:
Yes it can.  You don't need to dynamically link with Lua for Decoda to work though. If there's a way for Decoda to locate the Lua functions (either through PDBs or DLL exports) you can use it to debug your application.

Decoda actually won't work with Dawn of War though, at least not the original demo Relic shipped.  That was one of my test applications while developing Decoda, and unfortunately they made modifications to the lua_open function where it expects to receive and additional parameter.  At least that's what I ascertained through my testing.

I imagine newer DoW releases (like the expansion packs) may use Lua 5.x and have eliminated that function entirely, but I haven't tested them.  You can debug Company of Heroes though!


On 10/9/07, Peter Cawley <> wrote:

How does the debugger work from a game standpoint? For example, the
Dawn of War series of games use LUA for AI scripting, if the game is
running in windowed mode, then can Decoda be debugging the same
lua_State that the game is using for AI, given that the game loads lua
from a DLL?


On 09/10/2007, Max McGuire <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> We've just released Decoda, commercial Lua IDE and debugger for Windows.
> We're using Lua heavily in our current game, and we wanted a good tool to
> help us quickly write bug-free Lua code.  We couldn't find anything that fit
> the bill, so we ended up creating the tool ourselves.  Along the way we
> talked to a lot of the people who were looking for the same thing, so we
> decided to polish it up and turn it into a product.
> Decoda has all the features you'd expect in a modern IDE (block comments,
> find in files, syntax highlighting, watch windows, step-in, step over,
> etc.), integrates with most source control systems and requires no code
> changes to debug Lua in your application. It works with Lua 4.0 and later as
> well as modified versions of Lua.
> You can see the debugger in in action here:
> Or visit our webpage to download the full-featured 30-day trial:
> We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!
> Max McGuire
> --
> Technical Director
> Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Technical Director
Unknown Worlds Entertainment