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Lua's Tables can use any type, except nil, as both key and value. If you want a way to get a function's name, you can build your own lookup table matching functions to names. That is to say, in addition to saying this:
my_table["my_func"] = my_func
You could also say this:
my_table[my_func] = "my_func"

That way, when faced with a function whose name you don't know, my_table[unknown_func] should yield it's name. This only works with functions you've written yourself and explicitly added to the lookup table. You could probably write something to ease that for you...

function my_table:addfunc( func_name, func_body )
  self[func_body] = func_name

The result would be my_table:addfunc( "foo", function print("bar") end )