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> Wouldn't it work to load a .so with a custom loadlib (i.e. defined in
>  a custom C module) that loads it with the flags you want?

Thanks for your suggestion. Interestingly we thought recently about this solution, but found it quite 'hacky' (but better, as you say, than recompile Lua) as it is an internal fix on our side for something we believe should be fixed for everybody in Lua itself.

That is why I was pointing out that there is a problem in "require()", which has not been addressed until now. For what I saw in the previous posts of the mailing list, this issue has been ignored based on some false argumentation: according to the gcc documentation, it is a *fact* that the flag RTLD_GLOBAL should be used for C++ libraries (at least the ones which uses RTTI).

As the "require" function exists, it should work on all kind of libraries and the same on all platforms! It does work under Windows, but does not work under any platform using gcc.