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The LNUM patch allows easy and wide configuration of Lua number types, with the use of simple compiler defines. It provides added integer accuracy (32- or 64-bit), enhances speed on non-FPU systems and allows use of complex numbers (C99 required).

The 3-Oct 2007 LNUM patch is a major revise, and will be the only maintained version from now on.

Changes include:
- better configuration system, using LNUM_FLOAT, LNUM_DOUBLE, LNUM_LDOUBLE, LNUM_INT32, LNUM_INT64, LNUM_COMPLEX (or a combination thereof) - complex mode code fully revised, using C99 operations (shorter, simpler code)
- better automatic test suite (not part of the patch)

- Complex mode currently requires integer optimization (defining either LNUM_INT32 or LNUM_INT64)

Users are requested to update to using this patch instead of earlier ones. This is partly in order to get broad test reports, so please be careful and not for production builds, just yet. :)

The patch is available for Lua 5.1.2 only.

I added a fun survey about what the patch is being used for, at: