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--- Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
<> wrote:

> > If not, would there be some way for you to look at
> it as part of the
> > whole system, assuming I can get permission to
> send it to you?
> It's very unlikely that I'd be able to debug your
> whole system. Try
> posting here a short section of your script where
> the errors arise and
> tell us how you are using Lua (embededed into your
> own app or just using
> the stock interpreter?) and what metamethods are in
> place, etc...

I'm using the stock intepreter, and the only
metamethods are from strict.lua. I'm afraid posting a
short section of the script wouldn't help, as it is
doing nothing in any way unusual.

Would it be relatively easy for me to modify the
interpreter's memory allocation usage? This symptom
looks like one that might be caused by an
uninitialized area of memory. Perhaps I could zero out
all the allocated memory at the point of allocation
and see if that eliminates the symptom.