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  BTW, only the mingw build uses that name. The other builds do not use any
suffix. Which is also incompatible with the LuaBinaries.

  The standard Makefiles available in LuaBinaries correct this.

  I would like to see at least the mingw "lua51.dll" changed to "lua5.1.dll"
for better compatibility with LuaBinaries. 

  I don't know if all this is relevant, after all if you are going to build
the Lua binaries yourself, why to care about the Lua Binaries distribution?

  But if you are going to build a distribution or a development platform
that accepts Lua modules, then this IS a major problem. How other people are
going to build Lua modules if there are different "standards".

  When building development platforms in UNIX this is solved exporting the
Lua functions from the executable. LuaBinaries also does that.

  But when building development platforms in Windows, the problem arises.
The module need to link to the Lua DLL.

  So to sync the DLL name from the standard Lua distribution and LuaBinaries
seems to be a good idea.


PS: a few people complained about the weird name "lua5.1.dll". We are going
to maintain this name for 5.1 versions because of backward compatibility
with the first version. But we are open to change it to "lua52.dll" for Lua
5.2, if this is going to help and improve a wider acceptance for the Lua
Binaries standard.

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> Shmuel Zeigerman
> Sent: segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2007 04:54
> To: Lua list
> Subject: Lua DLL name (Was: [ANN] LuaODE 0.3)
> Wesley Smith wrote:
> > hmm.  The standard lua 5.1.1 distro makes lua51.dll when I do make 
> > mingw from cygwin.
> On the other hand, LuaBinaries supply lua5.1.dll and lots of 
> people use them. It'd be desirable that the names in both 
> distros were the same.
> This isn't a minor issue, as it effectively prevents freely 
> mixing prebuilt libraries in Lua programs.
> --
> Shmuel