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Why you doesn't simply tell the truth? Your motivation is to make
money, regardless of the benefits of your "certification".

Since when is making money a bad thing? Or am I missing a point here?

Maybe you missed something, so I will take it a little bit further:

Most spammers are "only" trying to sell some drugs. So is that money
making a bad thing?

Whoa... I'm not sure why there's such a negative attitude on the list towards a company that's providing Lua certification.

If businesses are trying to make a living through Lua, it only means there's more interest and Lua must be maturing. I think Luiz said it well.

These people are trying to provide a service for those who have a need for them. You don't need to buy into it, but there's nothing wrong with letting others make up their minds for themselves.

As always it's good to be critical and ask questions, but comparing a legitimate business to peddling drugs is definitely not called for. Bah!

I hope this thread ends soon... This ganging up is getting way too uncomfortable for my taste.

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