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Customer Support wrote:

> Our motivation
> --------------
> We developed certification exams for Python, Perl, and Lua for two main
> reasons:
> [blah, blah, blah... ]

Why you doesn't simply tell the truth? Your motivation is to make money,
regardless of the benefits of your "certification".

According to your website a "High-Level Certifications Lua Practice
Exams" will cost 60$ and the exam itself will cost 150$.

Total amount 210$. A lot of money for your "High-Level Certificate" in
respect to 60 multiple-choice questions to be solved in 2 (!!!) hours.
Additonally only 33 correct answers are needed to pass your "High-Level

Some citations from:

> Understand how to declare, instantiate, and use a class.
> Understand how to create and use instance methods and variables.
> Understand how to create and use class methods and variables.

If you try to certificate lua programmers, shouldn't you know that in
lua there aren't any classes? There are only tables and some syntactic
sugar... There also no such thing as "instance methods and variables"...

According to your website most questions of the "High-Level Certificate"
 are trivial ones, such as the "if/then/else/end" thing and so on.

I'm sure, a random programmer, who never heared of lua before, only
needs about one hour to skim over the lua book and afterwards is able to
solve 33 trivial multiple choice questions in the second hour to pass
your "High-Level Certificate".

In my opinion, your "certificate" is pratically worth nothing!

Michael Roth
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