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In message <> you wrote:

> Gosh,
> > This certification seeks to provide the Lua community
> > with an up-to-date, platform-neutral, vendor-neutral certification
>> administered in a secure proctored environment.
> Lua is up-to-date, platform-neutral, vendor-neutral and
> certification-neutral. Lua is open-source, flexible and supported by a
> community of high-skilled developers. The ones that wish to enter this
> community will not learn everything there is in a flash. But an exam
> would not help much either. By the way, it may even hurt your pocket.
> Some questions:
> * who certifies the certification company?
> * I think guys like Roberto and LHF are not certified. What this means?
> * programmers can prove their proficiency by writing code. Ain't it?
> Sorry for my extreme position. To start make money out of this is a
> general loss, I think.

I agree. Also, I cannot take seriously any claims to educational
competence of an organization that lets pass on its website "Because
Lua is newer, there are less books ... ". They mean "fewer books".

I offered to correct their English, for a fee, of course. To Roberto
my services are free. That about sums it up, I think.

Gavin Wraith (
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