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Martin Stone wrote:
> Is it possible to customize error handling when using lua_resume() in
> the same way that one can with lua_pcall()?  Reading the source to
> lua_pcall() doesn't make it look simple!

The approach is different. lua_pcall() allows you to set up an
error printing routine that is called before the stack is unwound.
lua_resume() does not unwind the stack on error (but declares
the coroutine 'dead').

So you can just inspect the stack after lua_resume() returns
with an error and print a traceback. Have a look at what
debug.traceback() does (db_errorfb in ldblib.c) or just call it
from C or Lua.

However ... this feature requires Lua 5.1-work2 or above.
See this message for an announcement and an example:

(but don't download work2, we are at work6 now)

BTW: I'm not sure who is in charge of the mailing list archive,
     but the index seems to be broken. Enter 'Lua 5.1 work 2'
     (without the quotes) as a search string and look at the
     top message found. The results list shows a completely
     unrelated message, but the link points to the correct one.
     Strange. Same thing happens with other searches, too.