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Hello, Lua users,

A new binary package for LuaCOM version 1.3 is available. This
package is a DLL compiled to use Compat-5.1 Release 3 and LuaBinaries
Release 2. It is available both at,
and at

* What is LuaCOM?

LuaCOM is an add-on library to the Lua language (
that allows Lua programs to use and implement objects that follow
the Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) specification and
the ActiveX technology for property access and method calls.

LuaCOM is implemented as a C++ library, and can be statically linked to
an application or loaded at runtime. LuaCOM is provided with its source code
and the makefiles required to build it, and works with both Lua 4 and Lua 5.

Fabio Mascarenhas
Developer, Kepler Project
Research Staff Member, Lablua/PUC-Rio