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So, how tenable would it be to write a byte-order swizzler for Lua binaries?
For that matter, how tenable would it be to write code that could update
from Lua 5.0 bytecodes to Lua 5.1 bytecodes (using that as an example of a
minor architectural revision to the virtual machine)?


on 6/2/05 4:55 PM, Adam D. Moss at wrote:

> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> It would be a bit disappointing but non-fatal.
> Similar response here.  Not much is technically really
> fatal, though this would be moderately inconvenient, especially
> if there were not a luac option for targeting arch B from a host
> of arch A.  (About half of my builds are cross-builds,
> and I'm one of the those whingers who would like to see
> Lua bytecode actually be cross-arch in an ideal world.)
> --adam