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>  I  am  fairly  new  to Lua and wanted to understand better some of the
>  C/C++ binding mechanisms.  I understand how binding by name works, but
>  I am not clear on how "late binding" works.  When I say "late binding"
>  I  refer to the mechanisms used in LuaCOM and LuaInterface for calling
>  methods on tables which do not exist at registration time.

Have a look at the following papers:

Roberto Ierusalimschy, Renato Cerqueira and Noemi Rodriguez. Using
reflexivity to interface with CORBA. In IEEE International Conference on
Computer Languages (ICCL'98), Chicago, 1998. IEEE.

Fabio Mascarenhas, Roberto Ierusalimschy. LuaInterface: Scripting the
.NET CLR with Lua. Journal of Universal Computer Science, 10(7):892-908,
July 2004.

-- Roberto