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Actually, all optimizations done by luac in 4.0 are done by the parser in 5.0.

And speaking of compilation in Lua 4:

The other day I isolated and reworked the luac compilation code so it can be integrated into a regular interpreter / host environment. It needed just a few (small) tweaks in order to run cleanly [outside of luac, I mean].

The silly thing is: integrating the Lua 4 compiler was something I just kept postponing. But now that I've finally taken the time to do it, I wish I had done it 2 years ago!

It really is so much nicer to create distribution sets (or, simply syntax check your sources) from a flexible Lua script than it is using a silly batch file.

Anyways, I doubt many people are still using Lua 4. But if anyone does & wants the code, just drop me an email.

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