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On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 04:45:00PM +0100, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
> dsilvers@stupor:~$ dpkg -L lua50 lua40 | grep bin/lua
> /usr/bin/lua50
> /usr/bin/luac50
> /usr/bin/lua40
> /usr/bin/luac40
> Looks like Debian and Ubuntu put them in there.

The inconsistency is a pain; I have to jump autoconf hoops to find the
right names:*checkout*/stepmania/stepmania/autoconf/m4/lua.m4?rev=1.8

with some systems having lua-config by different names, and some not having
it at all, and -config scripts are typically a pain for cross-compiling.
(But those hoops aren't going away, since the inconsistency is already in
the wild.)

Glenn Maynard