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22.4.2005 kello 20:52, Mike Pall kirjoitti:

CompileScript: <<
 echo "" >> src/luaconf.h
 echo "#undef LUA_PATH_DEFAULT" >> src/luaconf.h
echo '#define LUA_PATH_DEFAULT "./?.lua;%p/share/lua/5.1/?.lua;%p/share/lua/5.1/?/init.lua;%p/share/ lua/?.lua;%p/share/lua/?/init.lua"' >> src/luaconf.h

Well I'm not so fond of a cross-version shared directory.
I bet this will lead to more confusion. It's already hard enough
to properly install Lua modules in a portable fashion without
resorting to massive guesswork (in the form of a lengthy configure

It's not the user placing those parts, it's the 'system'. Think numerous tools, scripted in Lua, all having their own fink-or-whatever package, and package maintainer.

As a fink user, I wouldn't surely go put anything under /sw/share/lua/ myself. Only the packages do that.