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I'm afraid I have some bad news for all LuaForge users...

The recent hardware failure corrupted both RAID disks and we'll be forced to
make a full system reinstall. As if that wasn't enough trouble, Thursday
will be a big holiday here in Brazil, so our expected recovery date is
Friday at least.

I know three days is a lot of time for LuaForge users to wait, but we are
doing our best to restore the site as soon as possible.

We have backups for everything but the impact of the failure went a lot
further than we could have estimated. We are already studying how to add a
third machine to help the QoS on the future.

LuaForge has grown a lot on the last 6 months and this has been a great
experience for the community. On the other hand, when it goes down a lot
more people is affected...

Unfortunately, all I can do for now is apologize once more for the
inconvenience, the delay in everyone's work and the unavailability of the
files for public download.


Andre Carregal