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When would Lua then use these ropes/stringlets? Always after string concatenation?

And if such a rope was the target of 'tostring' operation (implicitly or explicitly) it would automatically convert to the corresponding string (but only then, saving all the interim concats).


20.4.2005 kello 15:38, Javier Guerra kirjoitti:

 On Wednesday 20 April 2005 7:16 am, Gavin Wraith wrote:
If the final string is actually needed, that is clearly the way to go.
In practice, it very rarely is needed. Usually the rope/stringle (sorry "stringle" was an extemporization) gets written out to a file. The point is that ropes are very easy to program in Lua. I doubt whether managing
them at the C level gains one very much.

the biggest gain would be because of transparency. having a good enough implementation inside the language would eliminate in a single stroke most of
the bad usages of strings.