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The compiled Lua chunks are version dependent, and also double/float etc. dependent. They should fail already in checking these things, not even trying to execute. Did it give you some error message?


15.4.2005 kello 23:17, Mike Crowe kirjoitti:

 Hi folks,

I'm embedding Lua in my application, and will only execute object code created from luac (no parser). Memory space is very tight.

Two quick questions:

1) In 5.0, I think I just didn't include lparser.c and that removed the parser (it's been a while). How do I do that in 5.1?

2) In trying to test out 5.1 in my application, I got a lockup. I was doing a:
   if ( luaL_loadbuffer(L,B,1069,"'..Main..'") || lua_pcall(L,0,0,0) )
However, the buffer I was passing it was compiled with Lua 5.0. Did any opcodes change between 5.0 and 5.1? I assumed the VM instructions were the same (bad assumption on my part?). No big problem, just need to know. I haven't compiled luac for 5.1w5 into this system yet. I can do it, if needed.