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Command-line lua would blow the lua stack if there were
more than about 20 command-line script arguments, because
of incorrect luaL_checkstack() call.  Patch to 5.1work5

Adam D. Moss   -
Index: src/lua.c
--- src/lua.c	(revision 4070)
+++ src/lua.c	(working copy)
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
 static int getargs (lua_State *L, char *argv[], int n) {
   int i, narg;
   for (i=n+1; argv[i]; i++) {
-    luaL_checkstack(L, 1, "too many arguments to script");
+    luaL_checkstack(L, 1+1+1, "too many arguments to script");
     lua_pushstring(L, argv[i]);
   narg = i-(n+1);  /* number of arguments to the script (not to `lua.c') */