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About a year ago:

Look at it this way, it might bring lots of people to that wouldn't otherwise have visited.


9.4.2005 kello 17:22, Mike Pall kirjoitti:


Microsoft has decided to redesign the permission model in the
upcoming release of Windows (code name Longhorn). Unfortunately
they named a key part of this model "LUA":

Quoted from

  "LUA, or Least-Privilege User Account, is an acronym I'm sure
  you'll see repeated over and over in Microsoft presentations
  from now on."

It's already in the press and they even have a "Lua logo" program
(but I haven't seen the logo yet):;2025555413;fp;2;fpid;1

FWIW this will negatively impact the searchability for Lua resources
and add a lot of confusion. From now on you always have to explain
that you are talking about "Lua, the programming language" vs.
the MS LUA.

If the authors of Lua have any trademarks or other rights of the
name "Lua" in the field of computing I suggest to contact MS ASAP.