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I have encountered this issue in a completely different application. The 
solution for me was rather simple. Sync. your callbacks.
 If this does not fit  your sound app requirements, I know Adrian has
solved this problem with Lua sound on WIn32 with a rather cool ring


On Apr 5, 2005 9:28 PM, Asko Kauppi <> wrote:
> The Lua/SDL_mixer integration is having the following problem:
>    Lua runs happily, starts to play a tune  ..dam-dam..
>    Attaches a callback to get to the rhytm
>    Lua continues running..
>         --> sdl_mixer gives a C callback -> sdl_mixer module -> Lua call
> Now, the callback probably happens in another thread, or otherwise
> asynchronously to the main loop, running the Lua stack.  How do we deal
> with this?
> Should the Lua core be patched to include a "incoming callbacks" queue,
> or something, which other threads could write and the main Lua
> execution thread would read (thus, needing no other synchronization).
> Or do coroutines provide a solution (I think not).
> If the "incoming callbacks queue" solution is suitable, has anyone done
> such already?
> -ak