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I cannot get LuaSocket to run successfully.

I put the env.var as said in the manual. Maybe "\?.lua" and "\?.dll" are not

I put the main files in my luabinaries folder. The only important subolder
seems to be "socket".

Tested with:
> socket = require("socket")
> print(socket.VERSION)
--> LuaSocket 2.0 (beta3)

Tested in folder "etc":
< lua get.lua
dumping o.k.

Tested with:
> http = require("socket.http")
> print(http.get("";))
---> Error: attempt to call field 'get' (a nil value)

Tested with (Programming in Lua, Chapt.9):
    require "luasocket"
    host = ""
    file = "/TR/REC-html32.html"
    c = assert(socket.connect(host, 80))
    c:send("GET " .. file .. " HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n")

--> Error: '=' expected near 'c'

Perhaps someone can help me?