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Asko Kauppi wrote:

I eventually did it only the "userdata int array" way, as suggested on the list, and the results are quite remarkable:


Native C:

The application is an SDL mixer demo that plays a tune and simultaneously shows its waveform on the screen. The 43->13 fps change is hardly noticable to the eye, certainly much less than I expected (the C code is tight, and the mixed sound data is passed as 2048 bytes per callback). Well done, Lua!! :)

Without knowing how much time is spent in the non-waveform-generating
code it's impossible to say how well Lua is doing here.  I mean, sure,
Lua is a pretty good performer, but this test doesn't really say much
either way (it most definitely doesn't begin to imply, for example,
that the Lua code is about 1/4 as fast as its equivilent C code). :)

Adam D. Moss   -