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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> Maybe 'lua5_1.dll'? (Otherwise there may be some confusion between
> future DLLs for Lua 5.11 and for Lua 51.1. We must think big :)

Surely Microsoft has a solution based on UUIDs or something like
that ready for us with Longhorn:


Ain't that pretty?

Antonio Scuri wrote:
>   Will Lua 5.1 be backward compatible with Lua 5.0?

Lua source: Yes, almost 100%. Some 4.x compatibility stuff was dropped.
C source:   Mostly. There are compatibility macros for some 5.0 APIs.
C binaries: No! You definitely need a recompile.

Lua generally provides API stability, but not necessarily ABI
stability across minor versions.


One consequence: Lua DLLs on Windows must have different names for
different minor Lua versions since the ABI does not match.

Another consequence: Shared libraries on ELF platforms must not
use the same major .so-version (*.so.Maj.Min.Rel) for minor Lua
versions. Preferrably use a different base name, e.g.: -> -> -> ->