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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
So, to the next question, following the discussion of dll's:
is there any good reason to create two separated libraries
(liblua.a/liblualib.a)? Would it be better to create a single .a file
with the core and the standard libraries?

Personally I always use both libraries together.  Even if I
didn't, dead code elimination would turn it into no difference
when linking statically.  On the other hand there's almost zero
inconvenience for me to the current split scheme.

As Mike already commented, do we really need shared libraries outside

I wouldn't use them.  But as a related note, if lua/luac were
dynamically linked by default then they'd suddenly be quite
inconvenient for me to use, since I build and link embedded
libs out of a set of 'vendor' directories of which
Lua is one, so at no point do the vendor libs have 'make
install' performed on them to install the shared libs in
the system paths (that'd just pollute the build box, and
require root access -- autoconf/libtool has a hacky
workaround for this, but no-one loves autoconf :) ).

Adam D. Moss   -