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> 1) Distinction between packages and modules seems unnecessary.  Allow 
> module A to drag in other modules  if necessary.

This can lead to some confusion. How do we distinguish between package A
(the whole tree rooted at A) and module A (only the A node)?

> 2) Can we have "./?;" in the default package.path like require 
> currently has?

Sure ("./?.lua" seems better).

> It seems undesirable that I should be able to go << require'trace'
> >> and the module gets plonked in the global trace, but if I go <<
> require 'Trace' >> is still works, but the same module gets plonked in
> the global Trace.

Lua itself is case sensitive, so it makes sense to get a Trace global
if you write require"Trace" and a trace global if you write require"trace".
Therefore you should write always with the same capitalization. The only
"problem" with a case-insensitive file system is that you do not get an
error message when you write it wrong. That does not seem too bad.

-- Roberto