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Rici Lake wrote:
> Lua compiles the program before executing it.

Thanks for bringing this point up. I was thinking the process a little bit different. :(

I think you need to come up with a less general concept than "for undefined reasons", which is what I meant when I said "you need to be clearer". If there are particular things you want to control, that may be possible, depending on what they are.

Ok. What I want to control at this point are variable assignments (global and local) and function calls. With function calls I mean function's parameters and return values. So I want to have control over parameters before function is called and return values before they are returned.

Jamie Webb wrote:
> If it doesn't need to be fast, I think it may not be too hard to do by
> treating each /statement/ as a separate chunk (roughly what the
> interactive interpreter does, but also breaking up statements on a
> single line).

Speed is not important. I'll think about your idea.