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I run

Basically, i have 35 gigs of transfer per month and i use like 1gig a month.

i can give the project about 400mb of space easily, and since i run the
box, ssh access for updates and as many email forwards as you'd need are


Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
After more than three years of good services, Soho One, the current host
of the Lua site, is discontinuing its hosting services. So, we need a
new host.  It would be great if someone from the Lua community could
provide this facility.

The current site requirements are:

- 30MBytes of space (plus some space to grow)
- ~6 GBytes/month of data transfer (this is increasing continuosly...)
- a few (less than 10) email forwarding
- (ssh access to update it would be welcome)

-- Roberto


michael bernstein

Lead Developer
Simoniac Studios