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On Wednesday 22 September 2004 00:25, Diego Nehab wrote:
> Hi,
> > My usage will be listening for sockets, but I do not want that busy loop
> > eating all my CPU cycles.
> I don't think it will. But you should run some tests. Worst case, you
> can run select with a timeout different from 0...

I'm not sure if I am expressing myself poorly, but this is exactly what I did 
in the first place. I noticed the timeout was disregarded when listening for 
sockets, so for simplicity I attempted a standard "select (nil, nil, 
timeoutvalue)" and when that did not work either, I posted about it here.

>From the conversations, I believed you confirmed that disregarding the timeout 
value was a bug. Assuming it will be fixed (either by yourself, or somebody 
else, even me), there will no longer be a busy loop, as I can tell the select 
call to wait a little while before timing out.

Are you saying waiting with a timeout will not make my server process less 
busy? I can't imagine why not, but that might just be me.

Thanks for the help anyway,

Marius Kjeldahl