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> why shouldn't independently-distributed modules providing related
> functionality be grouped into a package (and even require one another)?

What about "A *package* is a collection of interrelated modules"?

> The "one file = one module" rule is arbitrary and wrong. Most
> languages with a decent module system don't have it.

Python has it hardcoded. Perl allows a package to be defined in several
files, but there is no standard way to load such a package. (I am not
sure whether they qualify as "languages with a decent module system",
but there are few complains about their module systems.) In Lua, too,
you will be able to spread a module through several files (and even to
define several modules in one file), but there is no standard way to
import such modules.

> I think, all in all, this proposal suffers from feature bloat. [...]
> The CPAN model might offer some lessons here:

Which feature in this proposal are not present in Perl? (Ok, the stuff
about C modules and preloaded modules are not present in Perl, but Perl
almost do not use C modules.) Which specific feature do you think we
should remove?

-- Roberto