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El 17/09/2004, a las 22:20, Asko Kauppi escribió:

I feel it would be nice even for the off-the-shelf Lua to support this library by default, I'll check if I can get the interfacing code (below) to be under MIT/X11.

Editline is available for NetBSD and OpenBSD as well (I think FreeBSD too, but I'm not sure). Having support for editline would be a nice feature for the people that uses those operating systems.

Time ago I asked the people of the GNUstep project to use a source file from their Objective-C GPL-licensed libraries with the MIT license I use, and there was no problem at all. You have to ask the original author(s) for permission, and attach a note like "Source used here under FOO license with express permission from the original author(s). Originally released under BAR license" to the source file.


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