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On 18-Sep-04, at 6:08 AM, Adrián Pérez wrote:

Moreover, if you recognize "_" as such, you can make optimizations to bytecodes, for example if you do:

    _, a = my_function()

The compiler may skip generating bytecodes for the first argument, thus gaining a bit in speed. Not a big gain, but it worths if you use "_" a lot (using "_" is quite usual in functional programming).

That is probably more useful in functional languages with lazy evaluation; my_function() might not need to calculate its first return value. But in Lua, it is going to calculate it anyway; the only cycles saved would be a load/store.

In any event, the compiler should not need clues like this. It is easy enough to tell if the value of a local variable is not going to be used, regardless of its name. That is usually a programming error, of course: my Lua linter has a specific hook in it to avoid flagging unused local _'s in order to allow this idiom.