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> [] On Behalf Of Tom Spilman
> Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 5:21 PM
> To: 'Lua list'
> Subject: RE: Stack level doesn't match hook events

>  I'm using the Lua 5.1(work) released a few months ago with 
> the first version of the incremental GC.

 I updated to Lua 5.1(work1) from this month and I get the same issue.  The
lua code that causes it...

-- this is called from C++ code
function app:_restore_device_objects()

	-- the call stack here is.... odd. It doesn't
	-- return a function name, but the line number
	-- is correct.
	--	level 0	app:_restore_device_objects

	return the_page_stack:restore_device_objects()

function ui_page_stack:restore_device_objects()

	-- again here I get no function name, but the 
	-- source and line number.  Missing from the 
	-- stack is the caller.
	--	level 0	app:_restore_device_objects

	return true

 Is this a bug or the correct behavior?

  Tom Spilman
  Co-owner | Programmer