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on 9/17/04 2:04 PM, Fabio Mascarenhas at <> wrote:
> George Warner wrote:
>> I was able to do the "luac -l" trick to dump the tokens like this:
>> But what would be the source for this function?
> Given all above, the source is:
> function zebnig(table)
>    for k,v in table do
>      dprint(k, ":", v)
>    end
> end
> I strongly recommend you to take a good read of lopcodes.h and the main
> switch in lvm.c if you have any doubts. :-) If in doubt, type the code
> and run luac to see if it checks (the one above checks line for line).

Oh I believe you 100%. But unless you expect me to post all the other 160+
routines from this core library to the list (don't worry, won't happen) for
you to reverse engineer I was kinda hoping for a more automated solution.

Thanks for the translation thou. It was kinda interesting getting the magic
behind the smoke and mirrors explained. Wish now I had chosen a more complex
example. He he.

While surfing I did run across a windoze app called LuaDC.exe. I tried
running it on W98 and it launched a command-line window (which closed before
I could read anything) so I then tried it with DOS where it told me it
required windows. Anyone know of a Linux type app that will do this?

George Warner,
Schizophrenic Optimization Scientist
Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS)