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on 9/17/04 1:30 PM, Jamie Webb at <> wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 17, 2004 at 01:15:22PM -0700, George Warner wrote:
>> Nope. All the changes are flattened into one revision so that when we diff
>> the production builds we only see what actually changed between those two
>> builds. All the original individual check in/out comment(s) are compressed
>> into a single note. Nothing is lost except anything that was changed again
>> before the final production build. The "final" change is the one that
>> counts. This works extremely well for us because it eliminates a lot of the
>> "noise". Also, since all check in's have to include a bug # we can always
>> refer to the bug database to read detailed info about any bug fixes that
>> actually ship (as opposed to bug fixes that get eliminated by a re-write).
>> This has proven to seriously raise the "signal to noise" ratio of CVS.
> And... you didn't at least back up the repository before doing this...?

Nope. I don't run the roach motel; I just check the bugs in. hehe.

George Warner,
Schizophrenic Optimization Scientist
Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS)