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I need to give some praise to the Lua authors :) on the courage to go upstream with the selected, unique set of regexp's or patterns, as used in string.find() and string.gsub(). While I don't have much experience with 'real' regexp's, the use of the provided set is compact, easy and powerful. Well done!

The only thing that I've missed (which does exist in real regexp's) is ability to logic-or strings, not just chars. I believe this has been met by others as well, and is one motivation behind the regex addon library.


15.9.2004 kello 17:16, Roberto Ierusalimschy kirjoitti:

 Looking at the source I would say its syntax is %f[set] and
it matches the transition from "not in set" to "in set".
I.e. %f[%w] matches the start and %f[%W] the end of a "word".

Exactly. It is not documented because we are not sure it is worth
providing this kind of facility.

-- Roberto