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Since switching to Debian a few months ago, I can now rely on the excellent work of Daniel Silverstone, and no longer need my Lua RPMs. This means the incentive to maintain them is waning.

Since the Lua RPMs still account for most of the downloaded bytes from my website, it seems there are users out there, and I'm sure any new maintainer's efforts would be appreciated.

I see two possible routes to take. In the past, I always used RedHat and then Fedora Core. The RPMs were not deliberately tied to RH, but I didn't test them on other distros. If someone who uses Fedora would like to merge the RPMs into the Fedora project, that would be great. (Fedora already has Lua, but the spec file is not as refined; I have all of its improvements, but it doesn't have mine.) Alternatively, the RPM could be made more distro-neutral. (Or again, others might like to maintain versions for SuSE, Mandrake or whatever.

Applications from prospective maintainers are welcomed (just drop me an email); no particular RPM expertise is required; familiarity with building Lua on Linux is more important. (Most of the good things about this RPM are hints taken from people more expert than myself!)

I would like to get the RPMs off my plate by the end of the month, but if no-one steps up to maintain them I'll continue to supply them while they're still in demand.

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