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For the last few years I've been distributing the C libraries bitlib and rexlib, which provide respectively bitwise operations and regular expression support. Recently, Shmuel Zeigerman took over maintenance of rexlib; it is now a LuaForge project:

Version 1.18, compared to my last version, release 16, contains both bug fixes for memory leaks, portability fixes to compile with more regex libraries, and extensions to the Lua API. Upgrading is therefore highly recommended. Thanks, Shmuel!

As a result, I have made a new release of bitlib, release 17. It is identical to release 16 except that rexlib is no longer included.

As usual, get it from:

On a related note, I've continued to make the Lua 4 version of the libraries available, and to fix bugs in them. However, it seems that no-one is using it: at least in the last six months, no-one has downloaded the Lua 4 release. Also, I've not tried to backport Shmuel's fixes.

Hence I'd like to ask whether anyone is still interested in the Lua 4 version of the libraries. If not, I will withdraw the Lua 4 version of rexlib on 1st October (bitlib is trivial to maintain). Of course, if anyone else is interested in maintaining the Lua 4 version of rexlib as part of the LuaForge project, I'd be happy for them to do so.

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