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No, it doesn't..

	if a==42 then

But I see your point; sometimes it does.

Also, if the number is used as a key to table, there's no implicit conversion. Such bugs are tedious and hard to find.

15.9.2004 kello 01:49, David Given kirjoitti:

 Asko Kauppi wrote:
Would it be hard to make 'string.find()' return true numbers (not strings with numerical contents, as now):
    local _,_, a,b= string.find( "42 world", "(%d+)%s+(.+)" )
    --now: "42","world"
    --then: 42,"world"
I believe this little change would be welcome, and not cause major headaches in applications (they now have 'tonumber()', which would become irrelevant but work the same).

Why do you need it? Lua will implicitly convert the numbers as needed.

a = "42"
print(a + 1)
-> 43

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