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Sounds like, with these there wouldn't be need for files any more.. :)


13.9.2004 kello 14:45, Philippe Lhoste kirjoitti:

 Mark Hamburg wrote:

Are there any standard data buffer APIs (or implementations) for Lua? I'm thinking about something much like strings but editable and not interned. For example, if I'm reading a JPEG, turning the bytes into a string seems like excessive work for the code to go through. Actually, there are a lot of cases where this might be useful such as text file processing if the string
pattern match facilities were made to work on data buffers.
I can certainly implement something like this, but I'd favor a standard
API/implementation if one existed.

This looks like the string buffer I wished to have not so long ago...
Of course, by "string", I mean data, ie. it can store whatever bytes you want to put there.

Such a string buffer should allow to read a range of bytes, apply all Lua string operations on a range, add data to the current end of the buffer (or at any position, overwriting or inserting), with definable behavior in case of overflow: either truncate written data, perhaps with a kind of exception rising, or growth the buffer to fit the additional data and more. Etc.

I really should work on it, unless somebody has done it (Tiago's lustring?) or write it before me...

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