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Kurmi installer "0.4 Alpha" sources & demo are ready to download at:

New in 0.4 Alpha:
- No global functions: each module registers its functions in
 the shared struct.
- New Win32 UI module based on Common Controls.
- Installation works!
 (automatic uninstall is still a work in progress).
- Restructuring of the "components management".

At download page you can find:
- kurmi-0.4a-src.tgz           : Sources.
- kurmi-0.4a-win32bin.tgz : Win32 binaries, console exe, windows exe, and CC32 UI dll.
- kurmi-0.4a-demo.tgz       : An installer for a fictitious software.

If you rename setup.exe (inside demo tgz's) as, you can see its content with any zip utility.

Best regards,