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David Given escribió:

It looks pretty good. Wouldn't believe it's Xaw-based! Incidentally, which did you pick that widget set, and not something else?

I'd like to say that is the result of a very deep investigation. But I suppose it was a big quantity of good luck. :-)
Seriously talking, I didn't find another "lightweight" solution.


License Agreement page:

It doesn't say anything about use of the program.

Okay, it's largely irrelevant to the subject at hand, but it's something I feel strongly about...

The license text inside de prototype is a "cut and paste" of a big (in kb terms) license. It is not the Kurmi license.
I don't remember where I take it from.

Kurmi itself is GPL, but you can distribute anything by using it: your product (GPL or propietary) is not a derivative work of Kurmi. I'm not really a expert, tell me if there are problems with this kind of license.