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Philippe Lhoste writes:

> >   string.reverse (s)
> >     returns a reversed copy of string 's'
> [snip]
> This one is very strange...
> Can somebody give me a real-world use case where this function is so
> useful that it needs to go in a standard library? I can't think any
> practical use myself. Perhaps it is a temporary test function?
> I would rather see a string buffer library added to the standard
> library. One that would allow building large strings without hashing and
> perhaps GC overhead, allowing direct read/write of bytes in arbitrary
> addresses within the string size, automatic growth of buffer (or not),

> I would write it myself, but never got time to start it...
> So would it be useful at all?

Well, I started it in January.

I need to add in some of the suggested changes from mailing list users