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At Tue, 07 Sep 2004 14:55:24 -0300,
Daniel Quintela wrote:
> Hi:
> After making pluggable the UI in Kurmi, I'm near finishing a Win32 
> native GUI for it.
> It has around of 500 lines of "effective" code (DLL size is 28 Kb before 
> compression).
> Because I never built a GUI for the X platform without using wxWidgets 
> or FLTK, I have a question for the experts:
> Is it possible to build a "user friendly", lightweight and nice X GUI 
> (wizard style) in 500 lines ?

If you look for a GUI with minimum system dependencies, maximum portability
among unices I think you should  consider FLTK. Sure it has more than 500
lines but it is still slim in comparsion to others. At least in the 1.1.X
versions, coding is done in such a wa that you link only what you need.
May be you even could strip down the source to what you need.